Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2018 Committee

2018 here we come!!
Welcoming our Committee for 2018...
President - Vito Rubino
Vice President - Jason Walsh
Administrator - Naomi Redpath
Secretary - Petra Kunze
Registrar - Patrice Cassar
Treasurer - Nadine Bellette
Coaches Coordinator - Jason Walsh
Assistant Coaches Coordinators - Jason Dalby & Chris Dyke
Apparel - Adrian Goostry

Apparel & General - Melinda Wheeler
General - Jordan Beckwith
General - Jenny Molnar
General - Trish Moore
General - Shannon McKay
Social Media - Sarah Dyke
Junior Development Manager - Position Vacant

A copy of the AGM Booklet via PDF is available by emailing Naomi at :
We would also like to extend an invite to anyone interested in "random" helping here and there throughout 2018. Things such as Set up and Pack up, Helping on Photo night, sourcing Sponsorship's... No major commitment required and meeting attendance needed - If you feel you'd be a great "random helper", please contact the committee execs directly to express your interest. (Naomi) or (Vito)

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